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If you are competitive in nature or want to add some spice into your life you may want to try DanceSport. Competitive ballroom dancing is something we offer for adults and kids. We train competitive amateur couples as well as doing Pro-Am competitions with students. With experience and training in all four styles we can refine your dancing and showcase your hard work at competitions.

For any questions or to book your first lesson give us a call, text or e-mail! 

Competitive Dancing

Students compete in levels starting at Bronze, moving through Silver and then to Gold/Open Gold. If you're interested in seeing a competition to have a better idea of what they are like we do studio outings where we go to competitions to watch the amateur and professional dancing. The video to the right displays some competitive students who are at the different levels mentioned above.



What kind of shoes do I need to compete?

In contrast to social dancing competitive dancing requires different kinds of shoes depending on the style you are competing in. International Standard and American Smooth styles both require close toed shoes while American Rhythm and International Latin require open toed shoes. Heel heights vary depending on what you're most comfortable in but can range anywhere from half an inch high to 3" tall.

What do you wear for competitions?

There are so many options as to what you can wear on the competition floor. From long gowns covered in Swarovski crystals to full suits with a tailcoat there is a wide range of outfits you can step out on to the floor with. Depending on the style you are dancing and whether you are a lead or follow will determine what you would wear. Your instructor can help you pick what best suits you.

What style should I compete in?

There are four styles you can compete in which are International Standard, American Smooth, International Latin and American Rhythm. Depending on your dance experience or what you're most interested in your instructor can suggest one or more styles to compete in. Many people compete in more than one style!

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